To paint you with words

Photo by Rene Böhmer on Unsplash

The creases still exist. Worry lines.
You think and think so fine.
The big eyed man I call you
But the sights it has seen not a few.

The eyebrows then trail off disbursed
Like mist that thins and then has evaporated
Your nose curves to a large area
And I compete to fight for the leading spot

Then the strings of the beard.
By the side, it falls.
A lot black and some white
It’s beautiful for they lay wavy as their right

A patch of untouched skin
with no beard by the chin
It is like just something I can see
And something that demands to let be

The eyes are with heavy bags
Some days gay and nights they sag
A man with wisdom one may call
Adds to your charm is what I tell

Your lashes are thick I envy
Yet sometimes they kiss my cheek unknowingly
They curve out and shimmer in the sun
As you look away and think of the things undone

14 Jan
The saffron turban sits tight on your head
As I sit across the table well fed
It’s a special day, you look great.
You dressed up, I know, cos it s my festive date.

You pout as you think deeply about the issue
Lost in that, you are probably sorting through solutions few
Your legs reach out under the table by me
It’s hard to not touch you and let you be !!

16 Jan
The way your eyes light up when you see pumpkin soup
Little do you know that’s why I ordered it
And then you say, don’t you order it for me
As cute as you look with that smile of a pampered in your eyes

27 Jan
With the background of a pink temple
And the sound of Ganges by the side
You are lost in your work that is troubling
With a frustrated and anxious face and bubbling

31 Jan
You insist on stepping out to get groceries
On the way you make some hot tea for me
I surrender as my body gives up and demanded rest
Unable to figure if its sickness or cos you tend to me as one of the best

2 feb
There you are, squeezing the last drop of water
Out from the clothes you insist on washing yourself
You look responsible, frustrated yet content
That you are one step closer to you cleaner

5 Feb
You are encompassing.
You are not even in my sight.
Yet I think of you
Minute in and minute out, in the might.

I sit by the sun today
The trees are greener, the water tealish
The city far away, the mountains layered
I like this view, I love this day,
It feels like the last gift
It is the last day
Yet this feels more closer
The sight the wind
For this is where you and I lived
Lived as one, lived in one
I see this sight not as me. But as a part of you
For in me, I have painted you, so real so you




‘There are only two ways to live a life. As though everything is magic, or as though nothing is.’ Albert Einstein modified.

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Dhivya Raj

Dhivya Raj

‘There are only two ways to live a life. As though everything is magic, or as though nothing is.’ Albert Einstein modified.

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