The inner child

Dhivya Raj
1 min readSep 16, 2022
Photo by Caroline Hernandez on Unsplash

Yes, it is the soul that is battered

the soul that hoped

the soul that was abused

the soul that survived.

Scarred she remains, aged 10 for decades

in a white cotton frock

hoping for the wounds to heal

hopelessly hoping like a rock

to be helped

to be saved

to make the demons stop

for a world to protect, she craved

through the snickering.

though the insults.

through the invalidations.

through the cuts.

through the pushes.

through the assaults.

through the abuse.

through the gaslights.

little did she know

that no help was coming

because many have their child alive

and the others were the real demons in the hiding

She stood,

stood like a rock.

hoping & believing that one day she will be saved.

This unshakeable faith across time through.

would YOU applaud or call her immature ?

Oh ! she doesn’t care.

applause/petty/strong/childish, whatever you name it.

All of that is external elder talk that she dismisses.

As she stands there, waiting to be protected yet.



Dhivya Raj

‘There are only two ways to live a life. As though everything is magic, or as though nothing is.’ Albert Einstein modified.