An ode to my invincibility

Dhivya Raj
3 min readJun 16, 2019

I guess you saw me when I was just born

A few moments out from mother’s womb

As I cried, rocked and waddled in the scary new world

You took me and said everything was going to be alright.

I guess you pushed my cycle when I was learning to ride

A few times I fell, but then you pulled me to get back

one peddle after the other, my tires moved ahead,

Until I turned right into the new roads and disappeared.

I guess you were my first opponent at games.

You taught me cards and the tricks to ace.

I always missed your shot at badminton evenings.

You were too good for me yet you missed a couple of them deliberate.

I guess I inherited your bad eyesight.,

I had to start wearing glasses

I picked frames that made me look like you

I was secretly happy that this was a special bond I had with you.

I guess I was angry at you through my adolescence

Things I couldn’t get, things I could undeniably relate to.

I thought it was all deserved, the anger I lashed out

But I couldn’t let go, no matter how much I tried.

I guess my anger stayed. Masked my love for you.

Months turned to years and years to a decade.

I thought I was right, because this was unfair.

But we pulled through life, one pain after another.

I guess I was upset that you did not caress my head when I was down.

That you did not hold my hand and pull me up.

You sent only subtle signs asking me to be stronger through my divorce.

But I did not notice your wet pillows and increased walking times.

You are a teacher to the whole world.

You guide, support and wish well to everyone who comes.

The days that I longed for you to be my pillar of support

I was only looking straight ahead, never noticed you holding my spine straight.

I guess age mellowed me. Changed you and furnished me.

While the world stood against me as me being a girl,

You backed me, pushing me to be whatever I wanted to be.

I couldn’t see it, but you fought with the world, for me.

I was born a girl. I don’t see why that is wrong.

Yet when every one wanted me to be ‘careful’

You let me spread my wings. Be the guy, be the girl,

But most importantly, be whoever I wanted to be.

When everyone gave up on me,

You asked me to never give up on myself.

To brave the storms, to embrace the hurricane.

For I was capable of more than what I thought I was.

You have always been there for me.

In ways I did not see and ways I did not want to see.

I guess the fault is in me,

That I saw you but did not see you in me.

This year is a special one. 2019.

For I am half your age. Never before. Never again.

While I have seen various shades of mother’s love from a lot of people,

The shower of a father’s love I have reserved exclusively for you.

As you & I celebrate Father’s day watching the Ind-Pak match at World Cup 2019,

I snapshot the times we scream and clap at the shots and gasp at the misses.

I look at you as you munch on the munchies and throw me a high five.

There you sit, my friend, my purpose, my beloved father.

Happy father’s day, Dad !!



Dhivya Raj

‘There are only two ways to live a life. As though everything is magic, or as though nothing is.’ Albert Einstein modified.